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On The Come Up TV - Start a Fire EP review

As a popstar Raphaella’s strength lies in her vocal ability and versatility. She is a breath of fresh air in the pop genre, and she truly shines on this EP.With the pop commercial appeal of the lead single Parallel Lines and the genre bending Start A Fire, the EP starts off with a bang as Raphaella’s hypnotic vocals ride over well polished beats that could possibly make your favourite producers jealous.The production is still impressive on Fading Into Black, but Raphaella’s vocals is amazing here – an acoustic version would be welcomed and appreciated. Let’s hope there’s one soon! The next track on the EP, House is a little more aggressive but very effective as it’s lyrically contagious and the vocals are as sharp as a kitchen knife. Replay value.There are no flaws on this EP, the melodies are brilliant, it’s lyrically superb and memorable, the production is sharp and some even have a hint of her Persian roots. Raphaella has created a masterpiece, the songs do not sound like anything you hear on the radio and they have the potential to appeal to fans worldwide.

On The Come Up TV Review

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