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Urban Development #SNACKCHAT: Words with Raphaella

Let’s talk about your latest release In The Dark. What was the inspiration behind it? How did the track come together? It’s the first song I’m releasing that I’ve produced and written 100% myself. So it’s a really exciting yet nervous time for me as I’ve always produced in the background, but it’s the first time I’m beginning to share those productions and songs publicly. The writing process began acoustically on the piano, and for me I find writing an incredibly cathartic process as well as creative. I had just had an argument with someone close to me and was alone at home when I sat down at the piano to clear my head and improvised the chorus, then ran upstairs to my home studio to start recording it down and began layering down this really heavy drum rhythm. I was writing the lyrics late at night and for me, that’s the time where the whole world is quiet and I can think the most clearly, freely and privately about everything & I began thinking that even though I'm losing sleep, it’s the time I actually begin finding myself. One of my favorite poets is the Persian Poet Rumi and there’s a beautiful poem which I adore and wanted to incorporate into the second verse - 'Birds make great sky-circles of their freedom. How do they learn it? They fall, and falling, they are given wings - this to me symbolizes everything I was feeling at the time, of making mistakes, learning from them and having faith in falling into the unknown. Read more here...

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