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SYFALL Review: Dropping Like Flies

"I don't know shit about UK garage or 2 step.

I don't know shit about Raphaella or Zed Bias.

I don't even know if what I do equates to actual dancing.

But I know I've listened to this "Dropping Like Flies" shit for about a half hour and I'm about to get fucking naked and toss lunch meat up in the air, hoping it lands on a belly or a thigh. Whether it's my belly or my thigh is up in the air (LIKE DAT MEAT BRUH).

Is all music from over there this fucking bouncey balls? Jesus balls on a bucket of beef brine this is fucking awesome. If this is what everything sounds like where Raphaella or Zed Bias live, I think I deserve a vacation so I can toss ALL my meat up in the air bros. Damn." SYFALL

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