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Reload Sessions: Introducing Raphaella

The content Raphaella creates is very strong on three fronts; music, production and lyrics. It seems that each is as important as the other and Raphaella would not be Raphaella without any one of those three key elements. Raphaella writes an awful lot of music. Writing seems to be larger than just sitting in a room and jotting a few thoughts down. Everything Raphaella creates is done on purpose. Cerebral and intrinsically honest, her music echoes the sentiments of some of her influences from Rumi - the 13th Century poet to the song-writer/producer SOHN and everything in between. She's had hits as a songwriter in Korea,Japan and Germany to name a few and has worked with teams across the world to pen chart toppers. As if this wasn't enough of an accomplishment, Raphaella likes to be involved with the production side of her music too to the point that she produces a large amount of the music that she releases. To understand a bit more on this it's wise to head over to her Soundcloud, a few tracks can be seen below. Click here to read more

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