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About To Blow: Review In The Rain

Recently working with Gorgon City, MNEK, Sub Focus and Wilkinson to name a few, Raphaella is back with another solid solo track ‘In The Rain’. The synth infused electronic number builds and builds as the gorgeously husky vocals Londoner add a honey tone element to this Persian soundscape. The underlying element of the track written with the idea of the strength and unity of a family in mind continues the streak of empowering and highly personal solo tracks for Raphaella. After seeing her live a month or so back – she’s blew us away with her live show and we can’t get enough of her material.

Within the current political and social climate in which we can sometimes find ourselves fighting to survive, it’s easily lose sight of what’s really important. Even in the rain, count your blessings.

Get ready to hear Raphaella all over your playlists in 2016. About To Blow

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